Anonymous asked : "You bringin' sexy back. Yo! And the otha brothas dunno how to act. Yo! I think there's something special what's behind your back. Yo!"

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tianaespecial asked : To Hiccup/Mun: Happy New Year! I hope that you have a good night and my fingers are cold! Anyway, good year :D

Hey, you too! Thanks! 

OOC: Thank you, so much! =D Happy New Year to you! WARM THOSE FINGERS UP!!

Anonymous asked : Have a cabbage. *hands hiccup a cabbage*

"…Thank you? I mean — ah — thanks! Yeah. This is…just what I always wanted."

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Anonymous asked : Hiccup, what do you think about Astrid's yaknog?

…Haaah. Ahah. NEXT QUESTION! 

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Anonymous asked : Hiccup, what would you do if Astrid told you she is pregnant with your baby, though her stomach made it obvious?

But she’s NOT! That is — that’s impossible! 

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rapunzelgothell asked : What would you do if toothless just turned into a burrito?

…I’d put down the mead. 

What’s a burrito?

Anonymous asked : infrequent reminder that you're amazing and perf <333

Thank you so much! =D That’s so kind. 

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crazyviking asked : VIKING HUG

Anonymous asked : A beautiful woman comes towards you, riding a camel. Then she slides off its back and glides towards you, her movements graceful and dainty. When she comes next to you, she smiles kindly and places a hand on the back of your neck as she looks into your eyes. Finally, she gives you a long, slow lick on the cheek and flies away. The camel farts in your direction, then explodes.

"…Yeah. It’s time to go back to bed. For a good, long while."

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Anonymous asked : Okay, Hiccup! What is your favorite dragon? Besides Night Fury, of course.

"Don’t tell Toothless, okay? I mean, Night Furies really are my favorite. I’m not biased! MaybeIam. Monstrous Nightmares are really cool! But…so are Typhoomerangs. Oh! And have you ever seen a Grapple Grounder? They’re really incredible creatures."

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jodie-thespiritwhisperer asked : "Scoot.. Let me try something." the man said. He placed his palms on her stomach and gave a push. The girl instantly sat up, coughing up water. "Thank Jesus." He said in relief. "Joel? What the hell happened?" the girl asked weakly, pushing away her wet auburn hair from her green eyes. "Well, this boy saved your life. Scared the goddamn shit outta me." the man said. The girl looked over and met eyes with the boy and smiled, "Thanks a lot, uh, name's Ellie."

Hiccup stumbled aside uneasily, arms flailing for balance. He watched, as he had before, as the man pushed against the girl’s sternum and sent water spewing from her mouth. The boy jumped in surprise, relieved to see that she was awake…and talking. He stared at her, slowly looking to the man who she had called ‘Joel’ and shaking his head. “Oh — no! No, that was all him! I just — Hiccup. I’m Hiccup. Are…you all right? Would you like something to drink? Other than water…How about a blanket?”

askthelittlefairy asked : "Well we usually hide from humans"

"Ah…well, I can understand why. I bet people try to squish you guys all the time." He couldn’t blame them though…He had thought the creature to be an insect at first as well.

celtictomboy asked : "Hi Hiccup!"

"Hey! How goes it?"

Anonymous asked : Syrup of Ipecac. Don't eat it.

"Don’t eat what…now? I have a strict policy of not putting things in my mouth if I can’t pronounce them."