OOC: This is my replica of the dragon doll Hiccup’s mother gives to him. I haven’t done the aging/distressing on it yet but I’m getting there. It’s not exact, but I think the next one will be better. I’m really proud of him, though. I have some others in the work for two special people. :3 I think he’s cuuute. Also, I changed the wings…but I think it looks cool having the stitches on them! It actually makes more sense than the show’s version but whatever! There is literally blood, sweat, and tears on this thing. I was so shaky when sewing it I kept stabbing myself. But yeah!

There you go! This might be something that ends up in my etsy shop later. 

EDIT: Boo. The coloring is off! I worked hard on finding a color that matched the one in the show. Grr. I’ll have to edit the colors later so you can see the true color!

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    I’m laughing so hard. Brook’s been bitten by the fandom bug XD
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    What madness is this
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    Well, that’s going to save me on the Night fury costume too…
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